We have 24 colors in our range. Additionally, granules can be combined with each other and create melanges.

Ral: red 3016
Ral: lemon yellow 1012
Ral: pearl 1013
Ral: black 9004
Ral: reseda green 6011
Ral: earth yellow 1006
Ral: blue grey 5014
Ral: beige 1001
Ral: slate grey 7015
Ral: patina green 6000
Ral: turquoise blue 501
Ral: teal 5024
Ral: capri blue 5019
Ral: eggshell 1015
Ral: purlpe 4005
Ral: may green 6017
Ral: orange 2004
Ral: rainbow blue 5017
Ral: sky blue 5015
Ral: brown 8024
Ral: light grey 7035
Ral: signal green 6032
Ral: rainbow green 6025
Ral: rose 3017
Examples of color melanges:

*The colors of the granules shown in the photos are approximate and may actually be slightly different. The addition of a polyurethane binder may also affect the shade of the granules.